Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas To Me

When Mattel started the Masters of the Universe line in 2008, they really had no idea what it would eventually evolve into. The plan was simple, release an updated modern version of a Masters character every month and sell it online. Pretty soon however, they realized that what they had was something special, and the line took off like a rocket. Little by little, they would pepper in larger scaled figures and beasts into the line. One year they actually released a vehicle. But the one thing that they were adamant that would probably not happen…ever, that many fans were clamouring for from the very start was a new modern version of Castle Grayskull.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Like Paris Going To War

Imagine yourself chillin in your own swanky cyberpad situated on the remote side of Moonbase One. You just spent the entire day on a successful turbofox hunt with your friends and are now updating yourself on the latest high society events and happenings around Iacon City with a glass of vintage class energon in your hand. Then all of a sudden your peaceful evening is rocked by the sudden entrance of a panicked service bot with some shocking news for you. War has broken out! The Decepticon uprising has begun, lines are being drawn and all of Cybertron is in turmoil. So….what do you do?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

You Say Zodac…I Say Zodak

The first 2 Masters of the Universe figures I ever got were Stratos and Zodac. One was a strange grey furry looking monkey man with feathered arms and a jet pack. And the other was this cool looking futuristic dude with a gun who oddly enough had demonic 3 toed feet. If it wasn’t for the odd feet, I would at first glance assumed that Zodac, the futuristic human looking figure was the good guy and that the furry grey dude, Stratos was bad. Turns out I was wrong….kinda.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Dark Night....Hawk

Years ago…Marvel comics released an interesting set of books called the Marvel Universe Book of the Dead. Now the Marvel Universe ‘series’ was basically Marvel’s version of an encyclopedia (Wikipedia to all you young’uns) where one could learn all they needed to know about their favorite Marvel character. The Book of Dead was pretty self-explanatory, it was also a source of information to Marvel characters who had one thing in common…they were all dead (or at least they were at the time of printing).