Friday, November 17, 2017

Facing The Problem

Now of all the sub groups I was intent on completing in my Star Wars 6” collection, the main cast of Episode 4, A New Hope was on top of my list. Thanks to SH Figuarts I already had my farmboy Luke, and they had already announced Han Solo, but a proper Princess Leia was no where in the horizon. Hasbro had their version and it was pretty, pretty pretty....bad. It was so bad that Hasbro literally went back to the drawing board only a few months after the initial release, and re-released the figure with an *slightly* better head sculpt. Unfortunately I had the first release and I figured that there must be something I could do with it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Problems Faced

In 2013, Hasbro got the attention of Star Wars toy collectors everywhere when they announced their new Black Series action figure line targeted mainly toward older collectors. Aside from the supposed higher articulation and accessory count as well as added details, the main difference with this new line was that it would be the first ever Star Wars toy line to produce 6” tall action figures.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Curious Case of Wallace Weems

In 2007, the first live action Transformers movie was released and made tons of money for toy company Hasbro. Hoping to duplicate this financial success, they fast tracked a live movie for arguably their next biggest boys toy franchise, G.I.Joe. While for the most part, Joe fans were quite excited for a live action movie, when news came out that actor Marlon Wayans was given a main role in the movie a good number started to genuinely wonder if the producers actually knew what they were doing.