Wednesday, August 31, 2016

And All of HISS Men

Way back in 1984, as part of the 3rd wave of He-Man action figures, we were introduced to a new villain, the evil master of snakes, Kobra Khan. As part of a group that consisted of a crab-man, a spider-man and an alligator-man, a snake –man didn’t seem all that special. Little did anyone know that this little snake man would be the key to opening a door to a whole new world of trouble for He-Man and his heroic warriors.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

HISS Story

When it comes to almost any cartoon series, one thing is almost always constant. For every hero, there is an enemy. The Autobots had the Decepticons, G.I.Joe had Cobra, The Thundercats had the evil Mutants, hell even Strawberry Shortcake had the Purple Pie Man. But after defeating the same enemy day in and day out from episode to episode, things can get rather stale. So in an effort to keep things interesting…more bad guys are oftentimes added to the punch.