Monday, September 24, 2018

Blue's Clues

Sometime in the mid 80’s my dad went on one of his regular business trips to the US. While I wasn’t particularly bothered by his constant travelling, what I always looked forward to would be the new toys he would bring home for me. For this particular trip, all I wanted was Transformers, which at that time were the “new” toys on the block. Even though I already had a few Diaclone robots, the original Japanese toys that Transformers were based on, as far as I was concerned, they just weren’t the real deal. Once I saw the Transformers cartoon, all I wanted were the “official” toys and on his return, my dad definitely delivered in spades.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Where To Buy...

I’ve been collecting toys for well over 12 years now. And while what toys I collect hasn’t changed too much over the years, how and where I buy my toys has. So I figured I’d spend some time to write about where I get my toys nowadays and at the same time give a quick shout out to all those stores and individual vendors I’ve dealt with and gotten to know through this never ending hobby.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Monstrus Creation

Sometime around 2004, I got into the hobby of 3D modelling Transformers on the computer. To say that I got obsessed with this hobby would be quite the understatement as over a span of around 5 years, I created over 250 Transformers characters & designs all of which had the ability to transform into their respective alternate forms. Not to toot my own horn but i’d like to think that I got pretty pretty good at it.