Monday, November 12, 2012

A Hunting We Will Go...

Writing this blog has done 2 major things for me.  One, it has given me a better appreciation of the stuff I collect.  Usually after a few days or weeks of messing around with a toy, that toy is usually placed on the shelf to make room for a new one.  So getting myself to write about certain toys gives me an opportunity to take a toy down and mess with it again.  And two...well, I’m not sure if this is a completely good thing, but it has gotten me to buy more toys….

When I wrote about my first Star Wars toys, I wrote about how I got the obscure bounty hunter character Dengar TWICE!  Writing about that made me come to this minor realization, after getting over the initial shock and disappointment, and even after I got my Lukes, Hans & Leias, Dengar remained a favourite character of mine.  I mean since I had 2 figures, at least one of them featured prominently in many of my play scenarios back then and I pretty much took at least one of him wherever I went.

So this got me to thinking, since I’m not really into nostalgia collecting, as in getting the original versions of the toys that I grew up with, I started getting curious to see what the updated or modern version of Dengar looked like, and well I was quite impressed…and tempted. 

So here’s how my typical thought process and reasoning goes:

  1. Hey that new Dengar looks pretty cool…I wonder how much a second hand one costs on eBay.
  2. (After checking) Hey that’s not a bad price, but it wouldn’t make sense to just get Dengar (or even 2 of him) who would keep him company on the shelf?  He would need at least one partner.
  3. Hmmm according to Wookieepedia, Dengar partnered a lot with Boba Fett….
  4. Speaking of Boba Fett, he IS such an iconic (and cool) character, any toy shelf would look incomplete without him.  And he WAS one of my favorites even back then…so, yeah, got to get me a Boba Fett too!
  5. You know, come to think of it, ALL the bounty hunters were my favorites back then….I wonder how much the bounty hunters are going for on eBay?
  6. (During another eBay search..) Wow!  Someone is selling a set of bounty hunters?  COOL!
  7. Yeah THAT would work, but just to be clear, this does NOT mean I’m going to start collecting Star Wars.  I can’t afford to start another line. I will only get the bounty hunters….and JUST the main ones, you know, the ones in Empire Strikes Back.

So there ya go, a couple months after writing about Dengar….I have THESE guys proudly displayed in my room.  And yes, I know Greedo wasn’t a part of this group but he was part of the set being sold on eBay so there….I’d like to think had he not been offed by Han Solo in A New Hope, he would have ended up a part of this group anyway.

Hmmmm...I wonder if I need a Vader?
Anyway a few entries later I wrote about other toylines I used to collect when I was younger, and I talk about lego…..where THAT led to is a story for another post….