Monday, May 20, 2013

A Quick Explanation....

I know, it’s been quite some time since my last entry. While I have tried my best to keep a regular schedule with at least 4 entries a month, Stories from the Toyshelf remained largely unchanged for April and a big portion of May. Well don’t worry, I haven’t lost interest in this little blog of mine and my lack of any update is easily explained. I was out travelling.

It’s been 15 years since my last visit to the US and I figured it was about time I made a return trip there. Aside from the fact that I have family to visit over there, I was definitely looking forward to checking out what the US had to offer toy-wise. So aside from spending much enjoyed quality time with my family, checking out the sites and basically being a tourist, I did get a good amount of “odds and ends” toys that I will be writing about very soon.

I say odds & ends because while I have mainly identified myself as a Transformers, G.I.Joe & He-Man collector, I hardly got any of those stuff…in fact, I only got a couple Joes and that’s it…..everything else consists of other stuff I never imagined myself getting (or even knew existed) but I found them cool enough to pick up. Don’t worry, none of these purchases will be leading me to start collecting new toylines…they’re all mostly one offs that I just couldn’t resist getting.

So there you have it, absence easily explained. Stay tuned for more stories….