Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Wishlist 2022: Marvel Legends Part 2

With a rich history of comic book based superheroes and an expansive and ever growing Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is definitely no shortage of characters that I am still wanting and waiting to add to my Marvel Legends collection. So much so that I felt it would be an unfulfilling exercise to just come up with a wishlist of ten items that covered both sides of my collection. So two lists it is. In the last post I tackled my comic book wishlist, and so now let's get to the cinematic side of characters that I am hoping will be at least announced in the next 12 months.

Oh and before we get started, just like my previous wishlists, I am not including characters that I am pretty sure will be released this year. Since 2022 is the 60th Anniversary of Spider Man, and we have been told that this will be a major highlight for Marvel Legends, I am discounting any characters from No Way Home. So no Maguire or Garfield Spider Men, Doc Ock or Green Goblin on this list. I think they’re all pretty much a given.

10) Georges Batroc (The Winter Soldier)

I know that to many people, the original comic Batroc was kind of a joke. But for me, he was one of the earliest villains of Captain America that I remember reading about as a kid. So I was probably one of the very few people excited by his live action debut in the Winter Soldier. Granted the MCU version was basically a more straight up mercenary who just liked to kick a lot, I appreciated his inclusion in the movie. And I was also pleasantly surprised that he made a return in the Disney+ series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Even if he was unfortunately killed off in the series, I feel that at this point he deserves some plastic representation in my MCU villains display.

9) Battlestar (Falcon and the Winter Soldier)

Just like Batroc, I was also a fan of Battlestar in the comics. And I enjoyed reading about his adventures with John Walker’s Captain America. I appreciated his level headedness to balance out Walker’s loose cannon persona. And I was glad that Disney continued that dynamic in the Falcon and Winter Soldier series. While I was sad to see him die, I thought that using his death as the catalyst for Walker going crazy was a smart way to parallel his Captain America story arc from the comics (originally it was the murder of his parents by the Watchdogs that caused Walker to snap). Anyway, even if his time in the MCU was short, I would love to have a Battlestar to display next to my Walker Cap.

8) Razorfist (Shang Chi)

Look, I get it, when it comes to the Shang Chi movie, Death Dealer was visually the more “toyetic” figure. But he turned out to be a rather bland and disappointing character in the movie. While I don’t mind his figure (he does look cool), what we should’ve gotten was Razorfist. While he was basically a glorified thug, he was at least part of one of the most memorable scenes in the movie, that being the fight inside the articulated bus down the streets of San Francisco. In any case, he’s probably the only other character that I need to properly round up my Ten Rings display. Ok I wouldn’t mind a Trevor Slattery, but for now his “Mandarin” figure will do.

7) Colossus (Deadpool)

While Colossus has made many appearances (more like cameos) in most of the live X-Men movies, I feel Fox studios never did this guy any justice. He was just one of the many iconic X-Men who were relegated to background characters in order to put more shine on their golden boy Hugh-verine. Anyway, who would have thought that we would finally get a proper Colossus in a Deadpool movie? Granted he was used in a more comedic role, I would argue that this Colossus is the most faithful to the comics source material. I mean how it took Fox multiple movies before they made this Russian mutant…Russian is mind boggling.

Colossus would be the perfect way to complete my Deadpool display. I’ll even take a two pack with either Russell, Yukio or Dopinder. Just give me Colossus.

6) Classic & Alligator Loki (Loki)

When it comes to the Disney + Loki show, many would say that Sylvie or Mobius were the most important characters introduced in the series. And they wouldn’t be wrong. But when it comes to the most memorable, I would put my money on the various Loki variants introduced, more specifically the older Loki played by actor Richard E. Grant and Alligator Loki. I thought it was a smart way to pay homage to the classic look of Loki from the comics. And while I initially thought of his inclusion as a mere gimmick (like the comic Wanda and Vision halloween costumes in Wanda Vision), he ended up making the ultimate sacrifice that allowed Hiddleston’s Loki and Sylvie to enchant the entity Alioth and gain access the citadel of “He Who Remains”.

And I wouldn’t count this as a cheat, but Alligator Loki as a packed in accessory is a must as well.

5) Henry Pym (Ant Man)

Considering how many characters from the Ant Man movies have gotten action figures, it’s really inexcusable that we haven’t gotten a Henry Pym by now. I don’t know, maybe it's a likeness issue, and Michael Douglas doesn’t want his face immortalized in plastic. But I really need an MCU Dr. Pym in my collection. Now while I would definitely love the crazy murderous Yellow Jacket version from the What If series, my first choice would obviously be the regular version. And Hasbro would get major plus points if they release him in a two pack with a Michelle Pfeiffer Wasp.

4) Wilson Fisk (Hawkeye)

The Kingpin, played by Vincent D’Onofrio was the best character to come out of all the Netflix Marvel shows (John Bernthal Punisher is a very close second). That’s a fact and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. And while all those shows may not be officially canon anymore, thanks to the Disney+ Hawkeye series, D’Onofrio’s Kingpin definitely is. So this makes him an automatic must have for my collection. He’ll display perfectly with the two recently announced Hawkeyes in the next Disney + themed wave. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm betting that he will be the build-a-figure.

3) The Warriors Three (Thor)

I may not be the biggest Thor fan out there, but even I know how important Fandral the Dashing,Volstagg the Svelte and Hogun the Grim, better known as the Warriors Three are to a proper Thor Asgardian display. And yes, this is a cheat, but seriously when it comes to the Warriors Three, the only proper way to release them is through a 3 pack.

I always felt that these guys deserved a better fate than being fodder for Hela, but if you have to die, being killed by the Mistress of Hell isn’t a bad way to go. But seriously, we already have a full set of Eternals, why can’t we get a full set of Asgardians. We got Odin this last year, Sif before that, so hopeful these guys will follow soon. And then Marvel can give us a properly armored Heimdall and Frigga (Rene Russo) and we can call it an Asgardian day.

2) Wanda Maximoff (Age of Ultron)

I have already completed my Avengers lineups for the first movie, Infinity War and Endgame. So I just need to fill out my Age of Ultron display. One major missing piece is Wanda Maximoff. Yes I know we already have a bunch of really good Wanda figures, but what I want is her “first appearance” look that she had in Age of Ultron. I’m talking about the black mini dress with red jacket and black boots and arm bands. We already got Pietro from last year’s Infinity Saga line but as it is now, he’s kind of just hanging out with my Disney+ Wanda and Vision which doesn’t look quite right. He needs the proper Wanda by his side.

1) Hawkeye (Age of Ultron)

For being one of the original members of the MCU Avengers, Clint Barton aka Hawkeye has surely gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to action figures. He literally sports a different and distinct look in every movie he has come out in, and yet after all these years, all we have is his original Shield agent uniform and his Ronin disguise (quantum suit doesn’t count in my book). It’s even more frustrating that we got an undersized Age of Ultron version from SH Figuarts and an officially licensed oversized Civil War Hawkeye from China. And both of these cannot work with any Marvel Legends display.

While the upcoming Disney + version of Hawkeye is very welcome, I really need an Age of Ultron and Civil War Clint for my collection. While the dream would be a two pack with both these long overlooked versions of Hawkeye, if I had to choose, please give me an Age of Ultron trench coat look Hawkeye for 2022.

And that should cover it for both my Marvel Legends wishlists. Like I said, it never ends, and even while I was putting together these lists, I recalled even more characters that I wanted to include..but I said 10 and so I stuck to ten. There you go!

Next up we’ll get to those Robots in Disguise.