Thursday, July 26, 2012 3D

my THIRD favourite bot!
What does one do when you’ve got your 2 favorite characters standing proudly on your shelf…and looking lonely?  Why of course you get your THIRD favourite character to fill in the void!  So with that reasoning, slowly but surely, my alternators collection started growing. My reasons for buying the next robot were always logical of course! From why am I displaying my 3 robots on a shelf OBVIOUSLY meant for 4 robots?  Or “let’s see, I’ve got a yellow one, a white one, a silver & a blue…..yup, I DEFINITELY need a RED one!”  Or “this robot ALWAYS hung around with this other robot in the cartoon….so…” and of course, my favourite…”OOOOOO….PRETTY (with accompanying drool….ha ha)”. 

Yup! Definitely need a RED one!
Seriously though, at this point, I had begun another “hobby”.  Around 2004, I made an attempt to switch into the field of 3D animation.  I enrolled in a school brought in from Canada that offered a complete 11 month 2D & 3D animation course.  I have to admit, it was a very good experience, unfortunately though…through mismanagement and so on, the school closed down halfway through my course….I know what you’re thinking, no it wasn’t a scam, in the 5 months that I was there, they REALLY taught me stuff…and we were refunded whatever advance payments we made….the school management really were just a bunch of morons.

Anyway, in those 5 months, I learned enough to make a decent Transformer in 3D….and over time, quite honestly, I got REALLY GOOD at it, I was making all my childhood heroes come alive, looking good and actually tranforming! Soon this 3D Transformer stuff became an obsession. I made my own website and was churning out new Transformers every week!  Not to toot my own horn, but I gained a modest following in the Transformers fan community.  For a time when you googled “3D Transformers”, my website would be the #1 result (right now, it still shows up on the first results page).  Type the same keywords on YouTube and you get video compilations of my work put together by other people. My work was also featured in an actual Transformers comic by Dreamwave (ok so it was featured fan art on a letters page….scroll down to the “Items of interest” section at the bottome of the page) and even up to this day, YEARS after my last update, I still occasionally get email from random people saying how they just discovered my website and how much they enjoyed it and when I will update again…

my LITTLE claim to fame...
So why am I writing about all this? Aside from reliving past glories :P It was this mini hobby of mine that really re-fueled my passion into collecting Transformers again.  I would tell myslef that I would need to get all these new Transformers to serve as  reference materials for my latest 3D project….which was only partially true. Although I have to say, my 3D renditions of the couple Alternators toys I actually made are some of my favorites and ones I’m most proud of :)

Within a  couple year’s time the Alternators line was winding down and I had a shelf of roughly 20+ robots.   At this point, I had accepted the fact that I was a full fledged Transformers collector, well sort of….By 2007, the first live action Transformers movie came out…and with it, new toys.  A few months before the actual release of the movie, I found myself making the trek to SM Megamall on a Saturday morning for my first ever “toy launch event”….and weeding my way through the throngs of other Transformers fanatics….there I was….casually thinking to myself…”Yeah these Transformers look too weird, nothing like the originals….I don’t think I’ll collect these ones….ok, maybe I’ll just get myself a Jazz….”

Just a few more cool shots taken by my girlfriend Caren :)

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