Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two Dengars is Too Much

Double "D's"
When the first Star Wars action figures came out in 1978, I was a bit too young to really appreciate them.  My older brother though did a good job at ultimately getting me all excited about the toys  and so when my dad went to the US on a business trip all I wanted for pasalubong was Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars!  The thing is, I didn’t really ask for anyone specific; I just assumed that when you asked for Star Wars toys you’d get all the main guys, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader….or hell even R2D2 or C3PO. So while my dad was away, I went around telling everyone who would listen, my friends…hell even my yaya, “when my dad comes back with Luke & Han I’m gonna make them fight Darth Vader…and it’s going to be EPIC!!!!! “(Ok so I just added the epic part). 

After what seemed to be an eternity, the day of days finally came!  My dad came home and he seemed just as excited to give me my new toys as I was to get them.  So we were in his room and he slowly opened his bag, reached in, and pulled out…….DENGAR!!!!!!! Wait! What? Who? But there was more! My dad was still excitedly pulling out more and more figures….after Dengar came…..HAMMERHEAD!, then Cloud Car Pilot! Bespin Security Guard! Hoth Rebel Commander! WHO WERE THESE PEOPLE?????? Oh wait….my dad was reaching in one last time….surely, SURLEY he must have saved the best for last…...a Luke? Han? Hell even Leia would be GREAT!....and then there it was…DENGAR!!!! Again????? Yeah even THAT confused my dad as well…I guess in all his excitement of bagging me a variant African-American Bespin Security Guard (of course I didn’t know there was such a variant) he sorta lost track of that fact that he had already gotten me a Dengar already….

Every child's DREAM Star Wars lineup!
Childhood disappointment was never so properly illustrated as in that exact moment. I don’t know if my dad picked up on my massively deflated excitement….but to be fair, I did not throw a tantrum.  I think I was more worried at having to face my yaya and show her my two Dengars fight with the Cloud Car Pilot…

This story does eventually have a happy ending.  As it turns out, even if he didn’t look it, Dengar turned out to be one of the bounty hunters who were assembled to hunt down Han Solo and apparently was buds with Boba Fett….so he must have been bad-ass as well?  Who knows….oh and he had a big long gun…I was really grasping at whatever positives I could find. And my dad did good on his next business trips and he eventually did bring home all the heavy hitters…..I got my Luke, my Han, Vader and even some Jawas.  And with that, my Star Wars collection was well on its way!